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The D-sub series of connectors was introduced by Cannon in 1952. Cannon’s part-numbering system uses D as the prefix for the whole series, followed by one of A, B, C, D, or E denoting the shell size, followed by the number of pins or sockets, followed by either P (plug or pins) or S (socket) denoting the gender of the part. Each shell size usually (see below for exceptions) corresponds to a certain number of pins or sockets: A with 15, B with 25, C with 37, D with 50, and E with 9. For example, DB-25 denotes a D-sub with a 25-position shell size and a 25-position contact configuration. The contacts in each row of these connectors are spaced 326/3000 of an inch apart, or approximately 0.1087 inches (2.76 mm), and the rows are spaced 0.112 inches (2.84 mm) apart; the pins in the two rows are offset by half the distance between adjacent contacts in a row. This spacing is called normal density. The suffixes M and F (for male and female) are sometimes used instead of the original P and S for plug and socket.

D-SUB connector layout from SignalOrigin

Later D-sub connectors added extra pins to the original shell sizes, and their names follow the same pattern. For example, the DE-15, usually found in VGA cables, has 15 pins in three rows, all surrounded by an E size shell. The pins are spaced at 0.090 inches (2.3 mm) horizontally and 0.078 inches (2.0 mm) vertically, in what is called high density. The other connectors with the same pin spacing are the DA-26, DB-44, DC-62, DD-78 and DF-104. They all have three rows of pins, except the DD-78 which has four, and the DF-104 which has five rows in a new, larger shell. The double density series of D-sub connectors features even denser arrangements and consists of the DE-19, DA-31, DB-52, DC-79, and DD-100. These each have three rows of pins, except the DD-100, which has four.

D-SUB Connector Layout

Size Standard Image High Density Image Full Layout Image Mixed Layout Image

9 pin

male and female 9 pin d type connector manufacturer

15 pin

Solder cup waterproof female db 15 pin connector d-sub male and female 2w2 power connector manufacturer


5W1 male coaxial power d shell connector

15 pin

 Right angle pcb d sub 15 pin female connector

26 pin

 right angle 26 pin d-sub connector manufacturer    High current male combo D-sub 3w3 Connector    7w2 male right angle combo high power d-connector manufacturers

25 pin

 D sub pcb 25 pin female connector for sale

44 pin

 44 pin female standard d sub connectors


 5W5 male high current d sub right angle connector    21w1 mixed contact d-sub connector manufacturers

37 pin

 37 pin d type connector manufacturer

62 pin

 62 pin high density d-sub male connector


 Right angle female coaxial d sub 8W8 connector wholesale    25W3 waterproof High current D-SUB solder cup connector

50 pin

78 pin

 78 pin right angle pcb socket connector    36W4 high current female d sub mixed contact connectors


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