Right angle 26 pin d-sub connector manufacturer

Right angle 26 pin d-sub connector manufacturer

  • 90 degree 26 pin d sub connector, high density

  • All contacts are precision machined

  • Hight freqency contact: copper alloy material, gold plated

  • High Density connectors available in 15,26,44,62 and 78 positions


SIGNALORIGIN is the right angle 26 pin d-sub connector manufacturer. Signalorigin, a professional manufacturer in D Sub-Miniature connectors and these standard density types are high reliability connectors that we can provide in six package sizes with 9 – 50 size 20 contacts. Like all our D Subs, they come in RoHS and non-RoHS compliant versions and these are designed for board to board, cable to cable or board and panel to cable or board applications. Current rating per contact is an impressive 3A.
Our D-Subminiature connector portfolio is designed for multiple applications along with specialized accessories that will provide any customer with an economical d-sub solution for any complex application. You may like 26 pin female d-sub connector.

Specification of right angle 26 pin d-sub connector manufacturer

P/N  XHY-06-0119






right angle 26 pin d-sub connector manufacturer

right angle 26 pin d-sub connector manufacturer


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     Material Insulator material PBT+30% G.F (UL94V-O)
Insulator color Black/Blue (can be customized)
Contacts material Copper alloy
Contact plating Gold finish over nickel
Shell material Steel/SPCC-SD, nickel or tin plated
     Electrical Dielectric rating 300V AC
Current rating 3 AMP
Contacts OD ∮0.76
Contact resistance 15mΩ Max
Insulation resistance 1000MΩ Min at 500V DC
     Mechanical Dielectric strength 750V AC rms  at 1 minute
Insertion force ∮0.76: 0.3~2N /Pin
Extraction force ∮0.76: 02 N /Pin min
Durability 500 cycles
Operating temperature -55°C to +105°C

Drawing of right angle 26 pin d-sub connector manufacturer

Variety of D-sub connectors

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Stander D-sub Coaxial D-sub Combo D-sub High density D-sub Waterproof D-sub

Types of d-sub connectors and their uses

Products Certifications

Signalorigin company is the professional manufacturer of D-sub connector, we have got the global recognition, there are the main certifications of our products.

Safety UL Certification ISO9001:2008

About us

We are specializing in designing and producing D-Sub Connectors. We have more than 10 years rich experiences in the electronic industry. In addition. Signalorigin is a brand company of Yang Ming precision electronic company, which has established a long-term strategic cooperative relation of our top 10 companies and these companies have years of experiences in our markets.

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