What are DB 15 Connector?

DB-style connectors are common connectors in many computer, audio/video and data applications. The official name is D-subminiature, but many people call it “D-sub” or “DB”. The name of the connector comes from its trapezoid similar to the letter “D”. Most DB connectors have two rows of pins. Common types of D-sub connectors are DB9 and DB25, used on PC for serial and parallel ports.

A special type of D-sub connector is a high-density DB type, it looks like a regular DB connector, only a little bit of the pins together. This is often referred to as the “HD” connector. HD connectors typically have three rows of pins instead of two rows. The most common HD connector is HD15, which can be found on PC video cards and displays. The DB and HD connectors use the thumbscrews to secure the connector in place.

DB 15 connector from Signalorigin in China


Name Origin of DB15

DB-xx is the name of a series of port connectors used to connect the device to a computer. DB-xx connectors include DB-9, DB-15, DB-25, DB-50 and DB-68.

What is DB-15 (DA-15 and DE-15)

There are two DB-15 connectors are widely used by IT devices. Larger two rows of women DA-15 is the gaming port on the PC, the smaller three rows of women high density DE-15 is the VGA port.


Usage of DB15

VGA is one of the typical examples of DB-15 connectors. VGA (video graphics array) compatible with early display and data projectors, laptops usually include a VGA port, widely used in personal computers.

  1. While a VGA be used on a Laptop, then this VGA socket (middle) is commonly found on Windows-based laptops and entry-level PCs. Macs use only DisplayPort (left) and Mini DisplayPort sockets. (Video Graphics Array) An analog interface between a computer and monitor that was widely used prior to the DVI standard. Older CRTs used VGA, and flat LCD panels typically have both analog VGA and digital DVI. However, newer PCs may have only DVI or DisplayPort outputs. See flat panel display, DVI and DisplayPort.
  2. While VGA is base level, VGA officially refers to only 640×480 pixels with 16 or 256 colors. This base resolution is used to boot the PC and also troubleshoot the computer in Safe Mode with the display driver disabled (in case the driver is the cause of the problem)

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What is a DB 15 Connector Used for

What is a DB 15 Connector Used for

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