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PCB d-sub connectors manufacturer in China

PCB d-sub connectors manufacturer in China. We provide a complete range of quality, time-tested D-sub connectors that have become the standard in the D-Sub industry. Our complete line of D-Subminiature Connectors ranges from Right Angle and DIP Connectors, Solder cup Connectors. Our D-Subminiature connector portfolio is designed for multiple applications along with specialized accessories that will provide [...]

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D-sub solder cup supplier in China

D-sub solder cup supplier in China. SIGNALORIGIN® is a superior company specialize in high-quality D-Sub connectors. We make mainly D-Sub related connectors and parts and we stay focused on what we do. Our factory covered area more than 25000 square meters. Until now, Signal Origin has set-up it’s own design department, research & development team, and sales [...]

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15 pin D-sub connector

Signalorigin 15 pin d-sub connector manufacturer in China. All connectors are interminable with any D-sub of comparable pin count and density, or the D-sub connector of any other manufacturer complying dimension-ally with Uniform standards. Solder terminations and board-locks meet the requirements for solder-ability in accordance with MIL-STD-202, Method 208. Type of 15 pin D-sub connector [...]

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15 pin D-sub connector manufacturer

SIGNALORIGIN is 15 pin D-sub connector manufacturer. Our 15 pin D-sub connector range consists of both male and female connectors in various terminations such as solder buckets, straight and right angled solder pins. Our D-sub contacts are produced using modern automated turning lathes. Type of 15 pin D-sub connector Standard 15 pin D-sub High density [...]

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26 pin high density D-sub connector manufacturer

26 pin high density D-sub connector manufacturer in China. Our high density connectors also available in 15, 26, 44,and 78 positions, they are a good choice for a low cost industry standard high density connection. This connector performs excellently in mission critical and data intensive operations, maintains structural integrity under physical stress, and gives reliable [...]

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