62 pin high density d-sub male connector

62 pin high density d-sub male connector

  • 62 pin d-sub male connector, high density, right angle

  • All contacts are machined copper alloy

  • Shell: steel or copper alloy material, Tin/Ni or Au finished

  • High Density connectors available in 15,26,44,62 and 78 positions


62 pin d-sub male connector, right angle. Our high density connectors also available in 15, 26, 44,and 78 positions,they are a good choice for a low cost industry standard high density connection. This connector performs excellently in mission critical and data intensive operations, maintains structural integrity under physical stress, and gives reliable long-lasting versatility and functionality to your cables. You may like 62 pin female d-sub connector.

Specification of 62 pin high density d-sub male connector

P/N XHY-06-0203




62 pin high density d-sub male connector

62 pin high density d-sub male connector


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     Material Insulator material PBT+30% G.F (UL94V-O)
Insulator color Black/Blue (can be customized)
Contacts material Copper alloy
Contact plating Gold finish over nickel
Shell material Steel/SPCC-SD, nickel or tin plated
     Electrical Dielectric rating 300V AC
Current rating 3 AMP
Contacts OD ∮0.76
Contact resistance 15mΩ Max
Insulation resistance 1000MΩ Min at 500V DC
     Mechanical Dielectric strength 750V AC rms  at 1 minute
Insertion force ∮0.76: 0.3~2N /Pin
Extraction force ∮0.76: 02 N /Pin min
Durability 500 cycles
Operating temperature -55°C to +105°C

Drawing of 62 pin high density d-sub male connector

62 pin high density d-sub male connector

Variety of D-sub connectors

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Products Certifications

Signalorigin company is the professional manufacturer of D-sub connector, we have got the global recognition, there are the main certifications of our products.

Safety UL Certification ISO9001:2008

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We are specializing in designing and producing D-Sub Connectors. We have more than 10 years rich experiences in the electronic industry. In addition. Signalorigin is a brand company of Yang Ming precision electronic company, which has established a long-term strategic cooperative relation of our top 10 companies and these companies have years of experiences in our markets.

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