Signalorigin D-sub power connector have replaced the two rows in a D-sub standard density connector with a power contact that take up about the same size as the two rows of signal contacts. The D-sub power connector is exactly the same size as the standard density connector but instead of example 9 positions of signal pins it has 2 power contacts, or instead of 37 positions of signals it has 8 power.

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The Power contacts are available with current rating ranging between 10A – 40A with only the size of the terminal being different.

Signalorigin D-sub power connector with Mixed Layout is a very popular connector and that it is for a reason, as the name apply, the connector mixes both power contacts and signal contacts in the same connector. For example the same size as a 15 position Standard Density D-Sub you can have what we call a 7W2, which means there is 7 contacts where 2 of them are power contacts, which means there are 5 signal contacts, so 5 signals and 2 power. See the Layout in the Tech Specs on the bottom, there are a lot of combinations of the Mixed Layout alternative.

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Contact type

High current male combo D-sub 3w3 Connector


7w2 male right angle combo high power d-connector manufacturers


 Full layout  Mixed layout


Layout of D-sub power connector

Size Full Layout Image Mixed Layout Image
E d-sub male and female 2w2 power connector manufacturer


5W1 male coaxial power d shell connector
A    High current male combo D-sub 3w3 Connector    7w2 male right angle combo high power d-connector manufacturers


 5W5 male high current d sub right angle connector    21w1 mixed contact d-sub connector manufacturers


 Right angle female coaxial d sub 8W8 connector wholesale    25W3 waterproof High current D-SUB solder cup connector
D    36W4 high current female d sub mixed contact connectors


Specification of D-sub power connector

D-sub power connector from Signalorigin
     Material Insulator material PBT thermoplastic, UL94-V0 fireproof rated
Insulator color Black/Blue (can be customized)
Contacts material Phosphor Copper
Contact plating Gold Plated, 1U”-30U”
Shell material Steel/SPCC-SD, nickel or tin plated
     Electrical Working voltage 300V AC
High power contacts current rating 10A-40A(customized)
Signal contacts current rating 3A
Contact resistance 15mΩ Max
Insulation resistance 2000MΩ 500v DC
     Mechanical Dielectric withstanding voltage 1000V AC rms  at 1 minute
Insertion force ¢1.0 :0.6~2 N /Pin
¢3.6:2~7 N /Pin
Extraction force ¢1.0:0.2 N /Pin MIN
¢3.6:0.5 N /Pin MIN
Durability 500 cycles
Operating temperature -55°C to +125°C

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