D-sub standard density connectors have signal contacts with current rating of 5A. There are 5 sizes with connector mating layouts ranging from 9 positions to 50 positions. This connector is widely used in industrial applications worldwide.
If more positions is needed there is another alternative, you may like High Density D-Sub Connectors

Contact type

male and female 9 pin d type connector manufacturer power and signal db9 female connector manufacturer 9 pin right angle d-sub power connector manufacturer
Solder cup Straight Right angle


Layout of D-sub standard density connectors

Size Standard density

9 pin


15 pin


25 pin


37 pin


50 pin


power and signal db9 female connector manufacturer Right angle pcb d sub 15 pin female connector 25 pin male d sub connector with boardlocks 37 pin d-sub male solder cup pcb connector
 9 PIN  15 PIN  25 PIN  37 PIN


Specification of D-sub standard density connectors

D-sub standard density connectors from Signalorigin
     Material Insulator material PBT +30%  G. F (UL94-V0)
Insulator color Black/Blue (can be customized)
Contacts material Copper alloy
Contact plating Gold Plated over nickel
Shell material Steel/SPCC-SD, nickel or tin plated
     Electrical Dielectric rating 300V
Contact current rating 5A (customized)
Contact resistance 15mΩ Max
Insulation resistance 1000MΩ Min.at 500v DC
     Mechanical Dielectric withstanding voltage 500V AC rms  at 1 minute
Insertion force ¢1.0 :0.6~2 N /Pin
¢3.6:2~7 N /Pin
Extraction force ¢1.0:0.2 N /Pin MIN
¢3.6:0.5 N /Pin MIN
Durability 500 cycles
Operating temperature -55°C to +125°C

D-sub standard density connectors from Signalorigin


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