Types of d-sub connectors and their uses

A D-sub connector, or D-subminiature connector, is an electrical connector with a D-shaped shell that is mainly used in video connections in the computing field. D-sub connectors use several pins for the electrical connection and are usually screwed into a port.

The most common uses for a D-sub connector are as a video connector and in RS-232 serial communications. There have been several other uses for D-sub connectors over the years including in printer cables, computer game controllers, external floppy disk drives, network ports and multi-channel audio recording systems.


SIGNALORIGIN D-Sub connectors

Signalorigin offers an extensive line of D-Sub connector products to suit many applications. We stock solder D-sub connector, high density D-Sub connector, Coaxial D-Sub connector, waterproof D-Sub connector, and combination D-Sub connector products.

25 pin male d sub connector with boardlocks 13w3 male d sub coaxial connector wholesale Combo D-SUB 17w5Connector welding for cable High density right angle 78 pin d sub connector 21W1 male d-sub coaxial waterproof connector
Stander D-sub Coaxial D-sub Combo D-sub High density D-sub Waterproof D-sub

The d-sub connectors are usually available in plugs and sockets in 9, 15, 25, 26, 37, 44, 50, 62 and 78 position sizes, also in different types. The D-sub connector is one of the most popular styles of connectors in the I/O category. It is used in computer, telecom, data, medical, and test instrumentation applications as well as in the military and aerospace fields.


male and female 9 pin d type connector manufacturer 15 pin dual-port right angle d-sub connector supplier 25 pin male d sub connector with boardlocks right angle 26 pin d-sub connector manufacturer 37 pin d-sub male solder cup pcb connector 44 pin female standard d sub connectors 62 pin high density d-sub male connector 78 pin right angle pcb socket connector
 9 pin  15 pin  25 pin  26 pin  37 pin  44 pin  62 pin  78 pin


D-sub connector, all contacts are machined and gold plating, machined contacts to ensure reliability, durability and strength. Combination D-Subminiature connectors offer a combination of signal, high voltage, and high power contacts, the power contacts are available with current rating ranging between 10A – 40A.

High Current and High Voltage offering is included in the “Mixed D-Sub” range, so the high current connectors are designed around the standard D-Sub shell sizes with the possibility to have a blend of contacts. Fully shielded, the high current versions reduce EMI/RFI leakage. All contacts are machined with two different platings.

High current D-sub connector

11W1 male mixed contact d type connector 17w2 female right angle combo d-sub connector supplier 17W5 male solder cup d-sub combo connector 21w4 custom high power d-sub connector manufacturer
 11w1  17w2  17w5  21w4
25W3 waterproof High current D-SUB solder cup connector 27W2 male solder cup power d sub connector 36w4 d-sub combo right angle high current pcb connector 7w2 male right angle combo high power d-connector manufacturers
 25w3  27w2  36w4  7w2


How to choose High current D-sub connector

In the power industry there are special terminal blocks, terminal boxes, all of the above terminals, single, double, current, voltage, ordinary, can be broken and so on. And the general terminal shape of the same grounding terminal and N-line slider breaking terminal, using the identification system, the terminal block can achieve a unified logo.

Through the terminal reliability screening to find a variety of failure modes and failure mechanism, can lead to a large number of electric car connector lessons learned and remove all kinds of hidden dangers, in order to improve the design, process, inspection and use of scientific basis, it is also revised and the development of terminal Technical basis of the important basis. The copper terminal blocks avoid the battery effect of steel metal parts and copper wires in humid environments.

High current connectors can be adapted to complex environments. It is very important to select the high-quality connector products In the daily use. When we are purchasing d-sub connector, it can continue to adapt to a variety of environmental and various components of the standard requirements, depending on the connector’s brand and appearance.

Our d-sub run currents of 5A through a single or pair of pins on a D-37 connector.
And we also do mixed-signal D connectors which have different contacts allowing for high-current, co-axial cable, and normal signal pins in one connector body.

Advantage of SIGNALORIGIN D-Sub connector

  • D-sub with flexibility, durability, seal-ability
  • High current rating:10A, 20A, 30A, 40A customization
  • Safety UL certification and ISO 9001 Quality standard
  • Personal and friendly customer service
  • Comprehensive product size, and customization available
  • 3~5 set free sample are provide for you
  • Short-term products delivery, normally 3~7 days

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If you’re interested in purchasing high-quality, durable High current D-sub connectors, be sure to check out the wide range of standard and custom products from SIGNALORIGIN.

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