IP67 waterproof d-sub connector from Signalorigin in China. Practically every D-Sub can be made IP67 compatible, but mainly the most common versions are the Standard D-sub Connectors, High Density D-sub Connectors and the Combo Power (High Current) D-sub Connectors. The waterproof seal is made up of a O-ring on the mating side that is made of silicon, and on the back side of the connector a sealing compound made of epoxy prevent water to pass through or next to the pins and the mounting parts.

Waterproof solder 9 pin d type female connector Waterproof solder 9 pin d type female connector Solder cup waterproof female db 15 pin connector
 21W1 male d-sub coaxial waterproof connector  25W3 waterproof High current D-SUB solder cup connector  2V2 female waterproof combination d sub connectors

Even though the waterproof connector locks a bit different its still the same connector and the same specifications apply as for a standard connector. in order to make a completely waterproof connector a waterproof hood is used from the cable side.

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