DB13W3 (13W3) is a particular style of D-subminiature connector commonly used as an analog video interface connector. DB13W3 connector contains 10 standard signal pins and 3 larger positions that can be fitted with either special pins with two concentric contacts for coaxial cable or with special high current pins. When used for video signals on the computer side, the pins are female but the coaxial connectors in the large positions are male. The coaxial connectors carry the video signal split into red, green/gray, and blue; the standard signal pins carry four grounds, three “sense” pins used to communicate with the monitor, vertical sync, horizontal sync, and a composite sync signal.


db13w3 connector db13w3 connector db13w3 connector
 Pin out  Male DB13W3  Female DB13W3


The 13W3 connector can be converted into a standard VGA connector using cables and adapters that are commonly available. This allows modern multisync monitors, which are common on today’s computers, to be used with these workstations as long as they are sync-on-green compatible.

Signalorigin produced combo D-subs with larger contacts in place of some of the normal contacts, for use for high-current, high-voltage, or co-axial inserts. The DB-13W3 variant was commonly used for high-performance video connections; this variant provided 10 regular (#20) pins plus three coaxial contacts for the red, green, and blue video signals. Some variants have current ratings up to 40 A or operating voltages as high as 13,500 V; others are waterproof and meet IP67 standards.

Specification of DB13w3 connector

DB13w3 connector
Material Insulator material PBT thermoplastic, 30% Glasss filled, UL94V- O
Insulator color Black/Blue (can be customized)
High frequency contact Copper alloy material, gold plated
Connector with signal contact Copper alloy, gold plated
Fork Copper alloy, Ni plated
Shell Material Steel/SPCC-SD, Nickel or tin plated
Electrical High frequency contact current rating 50 or 75 ohm
The radio frequency range 0~3Ghz
Connector with signal contact current rating 3 Amps
The working voltage 300V
Contact resistance 10 milliohms mas
Mechanical Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 1000V AC rms  at 1 minute
Insertion force ¢1.0 :0.6~2 N /Pin
¢3.6:2~7 N /Pin
Extraction force ¢1.0:0.2 N /Pin MIN
¢3.6:0.5 N /Pin MIN
Durability 500 cycles
Operating temperature -55°C to +125°C

Drawing of DB13w3 connector

DB 13w3 female d sub coaxial computer video connector

Female DB13w3 d-sub coaxial

13w3 male d sub coaxial connector wholesale

Male 13w3 d-sub coaxial connector


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