13w3 connector

13W3 D-sub coaxial connector manufacturer

13W3 D-sub coaxial connector manufacturer in China. The Coaxial D-Sub with mixed layout mixes both coaxial contacts and signal contacts that it provides the ideal solution for applications to require power, signal and coaxial connections within one connector. The high frequency contact current rating of coaxial contacts is 50 or 75 ohm 13W3 D-sub [...]

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What is DB13w3 connector?

DB13W3 (13W3) is a particular style of D-subminiature connector commonly used as an analog video interface connector. DB13W3 connector contains 10 standard signal pins and 3 larger positions that can be fitted with either special pins with two concentric contacts for coaxial cable or with special high current pins. When used for video signals on the [...]

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