17W2 D-Sub Mixed Contact Connectors are a particular style of D-subminiature connectors commonly used in the telecommunications, data, consumer, industrial, military, instrumentation, and medical fields. DB17W2 connector contains 15 standard signal pins and 2 larger positions that can be fitted with either special pins with special high current pins.

17W2 D-Sub Mixed Contact Connectors from SIGNALORIGIN  17W2 D-Sub Mixed Contact Connectors from SIGNALORIGIN  17W2 D-Sub Mixed Contact Connectors from SIGNALORIGIN
 Pin out  Female DB17W2  Male DB17W2


SIGNALORIGIN´s D-Subminiature I/O Connectors are part of an industry standard for applications requiring robust and reliable connectors. These proven SIGNALORIGIN D-Subminiature Connectors are one of the most popular input/output interconnects. The SIGNALORIGIN D-Subminiature I/O Connector line includes models for high density, high performance, power, pressfit, pin-in-paste, and µTCA® Power, as well as cable connectors, accessories, and an economy range line.

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SIGNALORIGIN D-Sub Mixed Contact Connectors are designed for rugged, robust applications where both power and signal are required from a single connection. “Solid Pin” machined contacts offer high reliability performance for the most challenging design applications. The power contacts are rated for 20/40 AMPS, the signal contacts rated for 5 AMPS and the screw machined contacts allow for high mating cycles. D-Sub Mixed Contact Connectors are available in 12 industry standard sizes and board mount options include solder cup, vertical and right angle.


  • Allows signal, high current & high voltage in one connector
  • Available in 3 termination types
  • Screw Machined Contacts for High Mating Cycles
  • Also available in IP67 Option


  • Available in 12 Contact Configurations:
  • 3W3, 3W3K, 5W1, 5W5, 7W2, 9W4, 11W1, 13W3, 13W6, 17W2, 21W1, 21WA4
  • Termination Type: Cable Mount, Vertical PCB, Right Angle PCB (Male Only)
  • Current Rating: Power Contact – 20/40amp
  • Current Rating: Signal Contact – 5amp
  • Dielectric Withstanding: 1,000 VAC R.M.S.


  • Wireless Base Stations
  • Satellite Base Stations
  • Broadband Network Infrastructure
  • RF Power Amplifiers
  • DC/DC Power Supplies
  • DC Motor Controllers
  • Industrial Robotics
  • Servo Control Systems
  • Laboratory Metro-logy (Test & Measurement)

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