SIGNALORIGIN is the 21W4 female high power D-sub connector manufacturer. Combo D-SUB R/A 21W4 Connector. The Power D-Sub mixes both power contacts and signal contacts in the same connector or all contact is signal contacts. 21W4 have 4pcs power contacts and and 17pcs signal contacts. The Power contacts are available with current rating ranging between 10A – 40A with only the size of the terminal being different.
Our D-Subminiature connector portfolio is designed for multiple applications along with specialized accessories that will provide any customer with an economical d-sub solution for any complex application.

21W4 high power D-sub connector
21W4 high power D-sub connector 21w4 custom high power d-sub connector manufacturer
Male 21W4 high power D-sub connector female 21W4 high power D-sub connector

Specification of 21W4 female high power D-sub connector

Materials and finish

  • Shell: Steel or copper alloy material, Tin/Ni or Au finished
  • Connector insulator: PBT thermoplastic, 30% Glass filled, UL 94V-0 rated
  • High power contact: Copper alloy material, gold plated
  • Connector with signal contact material: Copper alloy, Gold plated
  • Fork: Copper alloy material, Ni plated

Electrical characteristics

  • High power contact current rating: 10, 20, 30, 40 A (can be customized)
  • Connector with signal contact current rating: 3 A
  • The working voltage: 300V
  • High power contact resistance: 2.7 milliohms max
  • Dielectric withstanding voltage: 1000 v AC for 1 minute
  • Insulation resistance:2000 megaohms min
  • Temperature rating: -55°C ~125°C

Drawing of 21W4 female high power D-sub connector

21W4 female high power D-sub connector

21W4 female high power D-sub connector


Products Certifications

Signalorigin company is the professional manufacturer of D-sub connector, we have got the global recognition, there are the main certifications of our products.

Safety UL Certification ISO9001:2008

Signalorigin is a China leader in providing interconnect solutions into a wide range of markets and applications, from traditional connectors to the latest and next generation technical products.

Signalorigin is a manufacturer of electrical connectors and associated products for the electronics industry. The Signalorigin product line-up includes a full line of D-Sub connectors, hoods and accessories, as well as, high voltage contacts and accessories to be used with our connectors.


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Stander D-sub Coaxial D-sub Combo D-sub High density D-sub Waterproof D-sub

  • 75 and 50 Ohm coaxial contacts
  • High power contacts up to 40 A
  • High voltage contacts up to 3 kV

Mixed Layout Connectors feature high abrasion and corrosion resistance, low thermal contact resistance, very good contact characteristics, excellent solder-ability, and even plating density. Depending on the application, solder pot, straight PCB, or crimp terminations are available, as well as insertion and removal tools for the crimp versions to ensure safe and reliable installation.

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