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D-sub connector series from SIGNALORIGIN in China

SIGNALORIGIN Connectors Welcome to one of the China’s leading manufacturers of high-quality connectors, SIGNALORIGIN’s D-sub connectors are ideally suited for applications such as Robotics & Automation, Machine Manufacturing, Agriculture & Construction Equipment, Energy, Communication, Military, Medical, Transportation. Our complete line of D-subminiature connectors ranges from standard D-sub connectors, High density D-sub Connectors, Combo D-sub connectors, [...]

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SignalOrigin D type connector

D type connector from SignalOrigin is available from stock, customized design D-sub connector is available too. We offer D-sub connector solutions for every application. Combination (Combo) D-sub Connectors These Combo D-Sub connectors are high reliability D Subs with the ability to mix signal, power, coax, high voltage in a single connector. Designed for board to [...]

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